I am a sucker for a book about families, love, loss, and the ties that bind. And Relativity (Corsair, paperback releases tomorrow) is a novel packed to the brim with all of those things and more. A story told through the eyes of the charismatic and charming Ethan and his parents Claire & Mark, this book asks us to consider what it is that brings us together, and what it is that keeps us together.

Ethan is an exceptionally gifted young boy, obsessed with physics and astronomy. He spends his life with his single mother, Claire, who is fiercely protective of Ethan and keen to shield him from the darker, harder moments of life. Thousands of miles away is Mark, Ethan's father, living on the other side of the world and estranged from his son. When life conspires to bring them back together, you have a recipe for revelations, growth and change.

This is involving, spirited fiction. I found the sections on physics diverting and interesting, the relationships vivid and real, and the plot unusual enough to hold my attention throughout. It's a book that really took me with it, I was propelled along in its path.

This book is the debut novel by Antonia Hayes, and with this charming, beautifully crafted book which truly pulls on the heartstrings she's bound to make a heck of a splash. If you enjoy hard-to-put-down reads and character driven stories, I'd advise you to give it a try; I found it uniformly charming. 

This review is the part of the Relativity book tour taking place all this week - you can see the other Wednesday blogs in the image below. We're only one day of the tour too; if you check out the #relativity hashtag over on twitter you'll find even more reviews and info!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book to review from the publisher. All opinions, thoughts and ponderings are my own.
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